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Elizabeth Ann Smith: Artist, Author, & Minister

Elizabeth Ann Smith - Receive From Me

Elizabeth Ann Smith

Elizabeth Ann Smith, who goes by the nickname Beth, is a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Publisher, Author, and Ordained Minister of the gospel. She has served the Lord for over 45 years, and plans to do so until He calls her home! Love for Christ empowers her to remain hard-working and obedient to her calling. 

Elizabeth shares: 

My husband Leonard and I are in our retirement years. We live in the Ozark mountains an hour east of Branson, Missouri. The area is so beautiful with its scenic hills, pastures, lakes, and the peaceful presence of God. 

We have 4 grown sons, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren…And, I am so blessed at my age to have both my parents still living nearby me and healthy too! What a treasure they are! The are faithful servants of God too! 

God has also blessed us with an amazing church family, neighbors, and friends to enrich our lives. Truly God is good to us! I give him glory and praise, for it is His Presence in our life that enriches us the most! 

We are both ordained ministers of the gospel, yet now serve as lay people in our local church, with Leonard preaching a couple Sunday evenings a month, and me helping on the worship team, as needed, whether on the piano, flute, or singing. 

In the quietness of home, I’ve been writing articles and creating music, as led by the Spirit of God...for many years now. I consider myself “a scribe” who enjoys sitting at the feet of Jesus, to receive. The Spirit of God gives me things to share and then I share what I receive with others through music and journalism. As a songwriter and recording artist, I have published 150 songs, featured on this Receive From Me website.  I also incorporate music links to many of the songs within the chapters of my Receive From Me Book Series. I have recently started up a YouTube Channel and my goal is to eventually get my songs into video format. If you click on the YouTube tab in my menu, and then click a corner "view on YouTube" you can subscribe to the channel and get updated when new ones are created.

You may communicate with me via the contact page on my website, if you desire to give feedback or a testimony on anything in regard my music or books. I'd love to hear from you! Especially if something in particular has ministered to your heart, through what the Lord has given! This would edify me back! (smile)

Along with songwriting, I blog... Only posting as the Holy Spirit initiates it and gives me  something to share with the Body of Christ. My previous blogging was put into the Receive From Me Book Series (available through Amazon) and the blog now on this site is brand new and will be ongoing...so check back regularly to see new posts, or sign-up for my mailing list. I have no idea what He might give in terms of a "now word" for the Body of Christ.

I am uncomplicated and simple and boast no heavy credential except that I have given the Lord my life to use for His glory.  

The Lord is the only one who is worthy of any praise as you are exhorted and blessed from what He has given through my ministry.

"Receive From Me" name for this website and my books was chosen because it is his beckoning for you to receive from Him, The Lord...Therefore, I ask that everything on this site is viewed and listened to from this vantagepoint. Thank you so much! 

God has a purpose for all that He has asked of me. I am obeying Him to publish what He's given. He desires to speak to His People. Therefore, I am sure he wants to work in your life! 

He loves us all so very much. He reaches out with an invitation for you to come closer so He can come closer. 

My prayer is that you be given increased intimacy with the Lord. May His loving kindness and unfailing love rest upon you and give you, His peace.

Love you all in Christ!

Elizabeth Ann Smith