From the recording Truth's Banner

II Corinthians 10:5


Capture every thought
To the obedience of Christ
Does the thought bring faith
Or does it bring you doubt or fear
Is it bringing grief or pain
Tormenting your soul within
Or does your thought lead you
Into temptation

Capture every thought
That questions the goodness of God
Thoughts that doubt His love
Or truthfulness of what He says
Does it line up with The Word
Is it bringing peace within
is it giving you fresh truth or revelation
Does the thought bring Christ's acceptance
Or bring His rejection

Listen to the still small voice
The Spirit., within
Does He bear a witness
That the thought has come from Him
Or does the Spirit grieve
Giving you “a check” within ~
Capture every thought that does not
Witness to “conscience”

Does the thought bring Christ’s acceptance
Or Bring His rejection

Capture Every Thought to the Obedience of Christ